Lockdown emergency App
Keeping our schools safe

The Lockdown Emergency App has been developed to make it easier for Schools to implement their Lockdown procedure. Watch the video to see how it works

“We feel much safer knowing that we now have a system in place such as the ‘Lockdown Emergency App’ that will inform others within the school instantly when needed. In such serious scenarios anything to help prevent bad things from happening in our minds is a must to be in place.”

St Paul's Collegiate

Staff Member

1. In the case of an emergency situation, staff members press and hold the black Lockdown Screen for 3 seconds

2. You are then presented with the green Request Sent screen

3. Once the warden has place your school into lockdown you will be presented with a red Lockdown Screen Your phone camera will be activated and automatically start taking photos

4. You are then presented with a blue Safe Screen when lock down is over


1. A Lockdown request notification is sent to you by text message, email and push notification. The request includes the name and classroom of the person who has requested the Lockdown.

2. You have the option to view photos to ascertain the situation.

3. Press and hold the red screen for three seconds to activate a Lockdown. The staff member who requested the Lockdown will be notified discreetly whilst the other staff members will be notified by email and push notification. At this stage you can now carry out your Lockdown procedure as normal.


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